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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Amanda Bynes Self Shots Showing Off On Twitter

Here is Amanda Bynes camwhoring half-with her cell phone and sharing the racy topless pictures with the world on Twitter. And the job ain't great but isn't too bad either however she is looking crackhead busted in the face though... Amanda Bynes has hit the stage of crazy attention whoring actress, tweeting out cell phone pictures of herself taken without most of her clothes on in her bathroom. She has gone from tweeting cleavage pics, to bra pics, to topless pics in a matter of days.

Yup, Amanda Bynes' celebrity chick meltdown is now getting down to the stage. It is an obvious cry for help... I think somebody should stop her and get her the help she so desperately need before she kills herself. But I also want that somebody to wait until the last minute before she kills herself to stopping her craziness so we can see what comes next. Because I really want to she do the flashing pussy stage of the celebrity chick meltdown. Hopefully we get to see her fully alive way before her autopsy pictures hit the net. Enjoy! Click on pictures to enlarge or View Lake Bell Her Hacked Naked Selfies Exposed.

Amanda Bynes Self Shots Showing Off On Twitter


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